Laura Mello


Video and 4-Channel Audio 8´10“

Video 1 from the performance Djane´s Room (#1)

Camera: Pia Profanter

Sound mixing: Urban Schlemmer


Circling images and sounds suggest the REM (Rapid Eye Movement) state, when images and sounds coming from the subconsious build new shapes: neither linear nor continuous.

The images were made unintentionally, so to say, by the camera itself and the body movements of the camera girl it was hanging on. I edited the video first, using images mostly as musical material. The music came afterwards and became slowly its own shape, not totally independent from the video.

The positioning of the loudspeakers suggest a staging situation, as if the loudspeakers were acting in their immobility.

Premiered in October 2007 at Konzerthaus, Vienna, Austria.


























Allocation for Caroussel

Trapezoid:                    Screen
Trapezoid: 3
Trapezoid: 4