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Based on the use of „Audio Guide“  - normally used in museums – the project adapts it as a flexible platform for a live performance. The end result is an unconventional „audio guide“ in the form of live Hörspiel: a mixture of reality and imagination, a synesthetic experience where the visual is „filtered“ through the aural. On the other hand, another focus is added to the already existent exhibition. i.e., when what is being described (through speakers or radios) becomes visible, they become a living self-reflexive part of the museum.




Two observers (a man and a woman) walk around through the same space where the public is staying and where at the same time other things are taking place (exhibitions, theater, even the daily landscape, outdoors, people). They see the space, the people and their relationship. They are the „observers“ of the moment, watching the people in the space, describing either what they´re seeing, either what happened before in the space, either some imaginary situation that could (or could not!) take place on the space. They describe what they are seeing, they say what they feel about it, they also create new situations (fantasies) based on the reality. Each one of them speaks into wireless headset microfons.

Their voices go through an audio editing equipment, where the composer/DJ manipulates their voices and adds pre-recorded sound to it.

The sound art created is transmitted either through the normal PA, either through a radiotransmitter, and come to the recipients either on loudspeakers, wireless headphones or small radios.










Concept, live music and technic: Laura Mello, Urban Schlemmer, Kassian Troyer

Actors: Fernanda Farah, Christoph Theußl, Anne Kohl, Oliver Kube







30 min - Performances could take place alternately during some days.


Technical Requirements


Audio Interface 4in/4out

Audio Mixer 4in / 4out


Regarding the radio set-up, the project requires at least:

2 wireless microphones (headset) and related receivers

external antennas for the microphone receivers (if necessary)

1 antenna combiner for the microphones (if necessary)

radio transmitter (provided by the artists)


Regarding the reception, there are 3 possibilities:

1. wireless headphones, or

2. small radios (provided by the artists) + radio receivers brought by the public itself, or

3. loudspeakers