Laura Mello

4-Channel, Video, Performance

Duration: 25min.


Stage setting

Piano, screen (please see drawing)

The space should not be defined as audience-stage, or the audience can also be placed on the stage.


Technical requirements

PA: turntable, connection for computer, 2 small computer loudspeakers, normal loudspeakers

Video projector (actually, I should have access to the the play button during the piece, a remote control would do, for example)

DVD player



4 lights on the floor. One for each space.

1 suspensed light



The stage is divided in 4 areas, as the drawing shows.

An area, an way of playing.

Different languages will be spoken, different body languages will be used.

The performer will deconstruct words, dances, songs.

At some parts of the piece, a communication amongst the areas is established, through words, or through music and video, or body expressions.

A song about language, by Susanne Vega.

A song to dance to, by Ibrahim Ferrer.

Playing the piano as a turntable, or another mechanic device.

Using the video as a score.

At the end, I present another piece, which should be played by the public during the brake.